Referral Information

Feeding service referral information for professionals

This guidance is designed for health professionals to guide your referral to the feeding service. Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice or to discuss any aspect of your referral

Your referral to us should include:

  • A referral letter and a copy of the CCG letter confirming approved funding for assessment
  • A completed referral form
  • Wherever possible, copies of letters, reports and information provided by health professionals involved in the child’s care  (e.g. Dietitian, Speech and Language Therapist etc)

We will then start the assessment process:

  • We will send an appointment for the family and the child
  • We will arrange a meeting with health professionals involved in the child‘s care
  • We will complete face-to-face and video observations of the child at mealtimes
  • We will analyse the information collated and produce a psychological formulation of the child’s feeding disorder
  • We will produce a comprehensive written report summarising all of this information
  • The report will include recommendations for management strategies and on-going treatment as well as costs of any further treatment that may be recommended

A copy of our assessment report is sent to the interested parts (referrer, the child’s parents and the CCG)

Referral Form

Please click here for the Feeding Service referral form. Please complete the referral form and email to [email protected]