How will we support our Service Users?

A personalised service

Each individual will be offered a person centred plan, support programme and communication passport incorporating their personal history, setting out their aspirations for the future and identifying their positive skills and attributes and what is important to them.

A staff group trained in Active Support to deliver all programmes

We support people to engage in the activities of independent living in the home and community and provide a range of courses that encompass:

  • Personal health and social care
  • Independent living skills
  • Hobbies and interests 
  • Social activities 
  • Work experience and placements
  • Education and training


How do I find out more about this service?

You can call us on (01785) 748447 or email us at: [email protected]

A service that can select from a range of psychological therapies and support strategies, according to individual need

We can offer evidence-based psychological therapies, such as:

  • Counselling
  • Listening support
  • Mindfulness/CBT
  • Positive change strategies
  • Further assessments and guidance from in-house psychologists, Occupational Health and Speech and Language Therapists

A focus on supporting the individual to develop a range of relationships.

We recognise that developing meaningful and safe relationships are important and we actively seek and identify opportunities for friendships with families, friends, work colleagues and chosen groups.