Feeding Disorders

Ours is a unique, proven, multi-dimensional approach...

Specialist Services for Avoidant Restrictive Feeding Disorders (ARFID)

Midlands Psychology offers a unique Multi-Modal Method, called M-STEP which is proven to help children overcome clinical feeding problems by providing comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and multi-systemic assessment and treatment services.

We provide a full range of services, from advice and support to community healthcare professionals to highly specialist in-patient programmes. We also offer training to professionals who work with children who have feeding problems and their families.

We provide:

  • Assessment and treatment of ANY type of avoidant and restrictive feeding disorder (ARFID) in children
  • Tube weaning intervention for children who are tube dependent and are required to make the transition from nasogastric (NG) or Gastrostomy (PEG) tube feds to oral eating
  • Home, community, out-patient and in-patient hospital-based treatments
  • Teaching, training and consultancy to health professionals, as well as to parents of children with feeding disorders

Services to Children who have Autism

Children who have autism often have difficulties associated with eating and drinking. These may be associated with sensory defensiveness or other cognitive aspects of their autism.

Here at Midlands Psychology, we specialise in helping children who have autism and their families to understand and manage their children's eating.

Midlands Psychology evaluates the outcomes of all interventions that we undertake and we have an excellent record of success. Through decades of research and clinical experience, our clinical team has developed the unique M-STEP multi-modal treatment programme for feeding disorder and has pioneered intensive in-patient treatment for tube-weaning and other severe presentation of feeding disorder in children.

Our service is highly valued by professionals and parents.