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We place social issues and community participation at the centre of the way we understand and promote psychological well-being.

Midlands Psychology was born out of a core belief in the importance of placing social issues and community participation at the centre of the way we understand and promote psychological well-being

More About Midlands Psychology

Social Enterprise

We are a not-for-profit Social Enterprise, and work as part of the family of local providers to improve the psychological health and emotional well-being of those with whom we work. By doing so we aim, in turn, to contribute to the development of healthier communities. We have a positive focus on localism, sourcing all of our products and services locally, and reinvesting surplus monies back into the community. We have strong partnerships with service users, who are active at every level of our organisation, including Board level, and help us shape services and facilities that offer improved choice, greater diversity and a genuine focus on them and the communities in which they live. We are active in recruiting and training the local volunteer workforce and regularly employ service users in our organisation.

Midlands Psychology became operational in April, 2009. Since this time, it has developed to become a key player in the field of mental health, community support and well-being. The company provides a range of specialist assessment and psychological therapies across the fields of autism, trauma, legal services paediatric psychology, life-span emotional well-being and looked after children services. In each case, we bring a real change to how these are delivered and we are proud of attracting a staff team which is committed to the idea that if you really want to make a difference, you have to start doing things differently.

We routinely provide evidence of effectiveness, financial viability and innovation to our customers, so that they can be confident that the services we deliver reach our target audience and are effective in improving their emotional health and well-being. Through the social enterprise model, we are able to take an efficient, cost effective and flexible approach to delivering services, whilst retaining the values and principles of providing a public service.

Care Quality Commission Registered

Midlands Psychology is registered with the Care Quality Commission as a provider of mental health, autism and learning disability care for children and adults. The company was awarded the Social Enterprise Mark in 2011, and is an active member of Social Enterprise UK, whose network we use to help us maintain our connectedness to the national health and social care agenda, as well as to other social enterprises.

Award Winners

In March 2014 we were announced winners of the NHS Lean Healthcare award for ‘Best Impact on Patient Experience’, and in April 2014 we were announced winners of the category for ‘Clinical Excellence’ and ‘Innovative Family Support’ by the National Autistic Society – gaining an unprecedented two awards from them.

Our team is energetic and enthusiastic and we are proud of our social enterprise ethos. We are strongly committed to building and maintaining links within the community, benefiting the local area by re-investment, ‘growing’ a positive vision of mental health and emotional well-being for everyone, and adding social value to whatever we do.