Autism Assessment

We offer autism services, delivered by a highly-trained and experienced team of specialists

Assessment and Diagnosis

We provide a full range of assessments, interventions and follow-on support services to children and their families. We also provide training programmes to children, parents and professionals who support them.

Services are offered in the community in a range of locations within easy access of the families we see. In all areas, we offer a full range of assessments, one-to-one interventions, group programmes, family support and parent workshops. Regular consultation and advice sessions are provided to other professionals, including those in mental health and education.

Services for Children

Because we never forget that each child is an individual, we offer personalised programmes of assessment, using a 'team around the child' model. Our recommendations cover key areas of identified need, so as to contribute effectively to a unified plan, moving forward.

We believe in prioritising parents and carers throughout the assessment process, acknowledging that they are experts on their own children.

We are committed to working with parents so that they have the skills they need to help their child. By empowering parents, we believe we can make a positive difference, not just in the here and now, but for the future.

As part of their assessment and diagnostic 'package' of care with us, all parents or carers of children who are newly diagnosed will automatically have access to our AU-SUMS group, which offers on-line support, as well as a raft of other social and support opportunities. Go to our AU-SUMS page for further details <<<<CLICK HERE>>>>

Our Unique Offer

First Class Assessment

We offer NICE-compliant, comprehensive assessments, completed by professionals who are specifically trained and experienced in autism assessment methodology and who are part of a specialist multi-disciplinary team. Our team includes psychology, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and SEND specialists.

Your assessment will include:

  • Diagnostic interview
  • Structured observation
  • Cognitive assessment
  • Speech and Language screening
  • Sensory screening
  • Review of information provided by school

Feedback and Recommendations

Your assessment package includes a feedback appointment with the psychologist, who will discuss the findings with you and go through the recommendations made in the diagnostic report.

Support Package for Families

The price you pay includes a post-diagnostic support package through our AU-SUMS group, giving all newly-diagnosed families

  • Free Advice Session
  • Membership of AU-SUMS
  • Access to our on-line Parent2Parent support forum
  • Access to our Youth Club
No Hidden Costs

Unlike other services, there are no hidden extras in your assessment: the price you pay really does include all of the multi-disciplinary assessment and screening listed above.

Child Assessment (5 -18yrs)     

  • Initial screening - £90 (reimbursed if full assessment undertaken with Midlands Psychology)
  • Full assessment - £2,200

Services for Adults

We meet many adults who have spent a number of years wondering whether they might have an autism spectrum condition. Sometimes they have wrestled with this question for most of their lives and encountered a huge number of difficulties along the way. Other adults approach us after their son or daughter has been assessed by us, as they recognise many features of autism in themselves. 

Here at Midlands Psychology we can help you to find answers to these questions.

We offer adult autism assessments, carried out by trained and experienced clinicians who will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Adult Assessment                          

  • Initial screening - £90 (reimbursed if full assessment undertaken with Midlands Psychology)       
  • Full assessment - £1,905
For further information about our autism services, please email us at
[email protected] or telephone us on (01785) 748447