Our Unique EduTherapy Model

Midlands Psychology EduTherapy is a unique model of provision, which draws on a number of elements to build up a bespoke learning and support programme for children and young people who need a different approach to engage them in educational opportunities.

Our EduTherapy model represents a unique approach to alternative and complementary education provision. The model is illustrated below.

How the Model Works

Sessions are usually 2-3 hours and, depending on the needs of the young person.  This can be amended and adapted to a minimum of 30 minute sessions, building up to longer sessions, as and when the young person feels able to engage.

Our Topic-Based Learning Centre is based at The Doxey Hub, Stafford, with outdoor sessions taking place at other locations, such as our allotment.

Assessment is multi-disciplinary, led by our specialist SENDCO and draws on other members of the team, according to each young person’s needs. The assessment period is typically two weeks, with early review. This enables a working baseline to be set for each pupil, which we will then use to monitor all aspects of the programme, so as to determine pupil progress.