"Every student can learn: just not on the same day or in the same way" (George Evans)

Why EduTherapy?

Our EduTherapy service grew out of our long involvement with children and young people who, for many different reasons, are not in school. Many of these youngsters have needs that make it difficult for them to benefit from conventional  learning or therapy approaches. Through our work with these  young people and their families, we came to understand that they needed something different.

Our Philosophy

We believe in placing the family at the centre of what we do and in going the extra mile to develop and maintain good communication between our EduTherapy Centre and the parents and carers of the young people who use it. This is the foundation from which we build bridges – either to other schools, colleges or to other alternative providers.  We understand that the relationships we have with parents and carers helps to improve their confidence and trust in others who have a critical role in their children’s lives.

Our EduTherapy Centre

Our programme is delivered through the  provision of a nurturing, family-centred learning environment where aspirational, individual pathways can be created, in partnership with children, parents and other key professionals.

Alternative Education Provision

In 2021 Midlands Psychology was successful in becoming an approved provider of Alternative Education.

Our EduTherapy Centre opened to referrals in the Summer of 2022 and provides a much-needed complementary provision for children and young people who need it.

Key Elements of our Model:

  • Supporting parents and carers in recognising the key role they have to play in their child’s learning and success

  • Providing parent advice and support sessions.

  • Inclusive learning activities in a low-arousal, supportive environment.

  • Personalised programmes of learning support for each student, with identified, measurable outcomes and objectives.

  • A consistent, empathetic approach that facilitates self-discovery and supports self-esteem.

  • Unique opportunities for children and young people that empower and enable them to reach their full potential and make successful transitions to their next stage of education.

Our Approach Aims to Improve:

  • Emotional, health and wellbeing

  • Social and communication skills

  • Self-confidence

  • Involvement in  activities that facilitate physical  and outdoor pursuits 

  • Engagement in learning opportunities

Improvements for Adult Carers:

  • Parent/ carer support

  • Emotional health and well-being

  • Confidence to support their child

  • Improved relationships with professional agencies

How We Encourage Learning:

  • Topic-based learning, capitalises on each child’s areas of interest

  • Adaptations that include a multi-sensory approach

  • Hands-on learning experiences, such as arts and crafts, science experiments  and cooking

  • Short-focus tasks and small group work

  • Outdoor Learning on our allotment

  • Activities that increase physical literacy and emotional well-being.

Individual Programmes of Learning

Our team works with each student to put together a personalised learning programme, built around their own areas of interest. This helps us to re-engage the student in learning in ways that tap their capacity to be creative, curious and captivated by new experiences. We also strive to make learning fun and to maximise social and interpersonal opportunities for all.

We are a registered ASDAN centre.