How do I make a referral?

Referrals should only be made after a General Medical Assessment has been performed in order to rule out any medical explanation for the child's difficulties.

All other investigations should have already been undertaken and alternative explanations for the child's difficulties should have been explored before the child is referred to us.. The autism service is a specialist, tertiary resource and should not be used to 'screen out' problems or to address routine behaviour management/ parenting issues or other childhood problems relating to emotional health and well-being. If in doubt, please telephone us to discuss your concerns.  


Referral form

Please include any existing reports that you may have by attaching scanned copies. Your referral must include a summary of the medical assessment. We ask that you add as much information as possible, in order that your referral can be processed speedily. Please remember to include details of the child's difficulties across the triad of impairments, described above, your own observations of the child in the clinic setting and the main presenting problem(s).

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You may contact us to check the progress of any referrals made to the service.

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