Introduction to Autism

As part of our intervention services at Midlands Psychology, we offer an Introduction to Autism workshop.

The workshop is designed for parents and care-givers with the aim of helping them to gain more of an understanding of autism and to be able to relate this understanding to their own child. The workshop discusses the kinds of difficulties experienced by children on the spectrum, whilst offering tips and strategies for parents. There is time during breaks and at the end of the workshop for parents to share their experiences.

Introduction to Autism is available on a regular basis in different venues throughout South Staffordshire. Places are bookable and based on a first come first served basis.

Watch our website news-feed or facebook page to find a group near you.

Autism Surgeries

Midlands Psychology offers 'Autism Surgeries' for parents and care-givers of children with an Autism Spectrum Condition. Our Autism Surgeries are run regularly and are based throughout South Staffordshire. Typically, sessions are held during a morning, with Midlands Psychology staff and trained Parent Volunteers available for advice and signposting to further support. Parents are able to drop in at their convenience, have a cup of tea and meet others in similar situations to themselves, as well as getting advice. It’s a great opportunity to hear about what is available to access in the community!

You do not have to book to attend, just come along - we'd be delighted to see you!

Adaptive Skills

Adaptive Skills is our social and communication skills programme and is offered to all families when an ASC diagnosis is first given. The groups helps children and young people develop their skills through a series of topics-based sessions. They are also a great opportunity for children to meet and socialise with other young people of their age who have an ASC.

The Adaptive Skills groups run once every school term for four different age groups: 5-7, 8-10, 11-13 and 14-16 years. The locations for each age group are rotated throughout South Staffordshire every term so that each area is provided for and everyone gets an opportunity to access a group near to where they live.

Watch our website news-feed or facebook page to find a group near you or CLICK HERE for our Activity Prospectus.

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