Our Staff - Heads of Service

Midlands Psychology only employs staff who are trained and qualified to deliver psychological services.
This ensures that the service you receive is quality-assured.

Angela Southall

Director of Services

Angela has a history of over 25 years experience with children, young people and their families in a range of NHS and social care settings. She has been leading and developing services in the Midlands since 1994 and has been responsible for setting up a number of innovative community and partnership services. She is a committed community psychologist, with a strong belief in the importance of placing social issues and community participation at the centre of the way we understand and promote psychological well-being. Angela established Midlands Psychology in 2008 as a way of offering services that embody these values and operates in ways that support them. Her own clinical specialism is in the fields of parenting and children with attachment difficulties.

Clarissa Martin

Head of Paediatric Psychology

Clarissa is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Paediatrics and Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Research in Eating Disorders at Loughborough University (LUCRED). At Midlands Psychology she leads the Paediatric Psychology Service, which focuses on the health issues that affect children, young people and families. Prior to joining Midlands Psychology she led an NHS Paediatric Psychology department for over ten years, during which time she developed specialist work in diabetes and gastroenterology. She is an internationally-known specialist in children’s feeding disorders and has pioneered multidisciplinary intensive intervention in general hospital settings for children who have severe feeding problems.

Sarah Greenhaf

Lead for Forensic Services

Sarah is a Chartered and Registered Forensic Psychologist, and leads the forensic psychology services at Midlands Psychology. She is experienced in both forensic and mental health settings and has many years of experience working with complex and challenging individuals who present with mental illness, cognitive impairments, substance misuse and personality disorder. She is an accomplished trainer whose specialist skill is forensic risk assessment. At Midlands Psychology Sarah is responsible for the TEN-19 young people's forensic team, and works closely with the Youth Offending Service in Staffordshire to ensure its smooth running and continued success.

Dr Naida Southall

Lead for Autism Services

Dr Naida Southall, Clinical Psychologist, having first started work in autism services in South Staffordshire in 2001 as a graduate assistant psychologist working under Ceila Churchill, Naida then spent time working in a busy neurodevelopmental team before embarking on her doctoral training in Hampshire in 2004.  Naida returned to the Autism Service in 2010 having broadened her experience to include specialist CAMHS, neuropsychology, brain injury and learning disabilities.  She now leads the Autism Service and maintains an active clinical role in assessment and intervention alongside supervision, training, management and service development.

Alison Lloyd

Lead for Supported Living Service

Alison has worked in educational and social services settings the field of learning disabilities for over 30 years. She is a qualified teacher of special educational needs and a teacher of the deaf, and has a wide experience of children and young people of all ages, both in mainstream and special schools, from early years through to adulthood. Her specialisms are performing arts & communication. She has many years’ experience of staff training and team development, and also has experience of foster care and adult placement work. She spent 12 years developing training and social care services for young adults with autism & learning disabilities.

Alison’s role at Midlands Psychology is to develop the Supported Living Service for young adults and developing varied support services for young people 18+ and their families.

Dr Beck Maloney

Lead for Looked After Children

Rebecca is a Chartered and Registered Clinical Psychologist who leads the Looked After Children Service at Midlands Psychology. She has over ten years’ experience of working with children and young people in foster care and adoptive placements, which also involves working with foster carers, parents and the surrounding services and professionals. Rebecca’s experience also includes psychological assessment and therapeutic work within Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. She has expertise in attachment theory and developmental trauma and how these difficulties impact upon mental health. At Midlands Psychology Rebecca is responsible for a range of psychological services to children in residential care and to ‘Flipside’ (a Treatment Foster Care programme run by Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council).

Helen Boss

Chief Operations Officer

With over 30 years experience of working within the private sector in a variety of organisations, producing management accounts, running payroll and managing all aspects of office systems, Helen gained the knowledge and expertise to become part of a management team, which she then brought to Midlands Psychology in February 2011. Since setting up and running the company computerised accounts and payroll systems, Helen has developed her role to encompass contracting and business management. She is an integral part of the business development team, working with the Director of Services and a committed team of professionals to maintain and develop the business for the benefit of its service users and the local community.

Jo Smolinski

IT Manager

Jo is an IT specialist with a specific interest and background in psychology and oversees all of our communication needs. Prior to joining Midlands Psychology, he worked for a number of years in higher education, transferring to the NHS in 1997. In both settings he has providing training, support, development and management of specialised clinically based IT systems. His primary role at Midlands Psychology has been to develop and maintain a cost-effective IT infrastructure and support base, in line with the protocols and standards set by the NHS. He is a strong believer in a multi-disciplinary approach to making an IT service successful.

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